Ego is the Enemy

Ego is the Enemy

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  • Release Date : 2019-02-22
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Description :
Ego is the Enemy: A Complete Summary

Ego is the Enemy is a book about human ego. In this book, the author Ryan Holiday explores and explains the problems with human ego. Why is our ego one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to success? What is ego anyway? 
The author explains how ego defines us as children and how it influences our lives. Moreover, as we read the book we discover many ways our egos can hinder us from succeeding in many areas of our lives. Ego can be in our way towards meaningful relationships. Ego can prevent us from realizing the extent and full potential of our skills. Therefore, ego is not only harmful but it is also very dangerous. Is there a way to beat ego? The author says there are some ways. As we read this book, we learn those ways. 
Educational, practical for our everyday life and filled with numerous useful advices, “Ego is the Enemy” is guidebook every person can use. The book is very easy to read, which makes it even better and even easier to apply on our everyday life. 
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